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50% of local children aren't ready for kindergarten on day one. 

Is your child?

The first day of kindergarten is one both parent and child will never forget! But, how do you know if your child is ready to step foot inside a classroom on the first day? And what does it even mean to be truly READY? Is your child one of the 50% who will begin their education unprepared? All of these worries can have any good parent asking themselves...

Is my child ready?

Let United Way put your worries to rest - we're here to help! You've already proven that you are an AMAZING parent willing to do what is takes to ensure that your child has THE BEST start to a successful future just by visiting this site! Now, let's take a look at how we can help you do even more to invest in the future success of your child!

STEP 1: Let's find out how prepared your child is to begin school ready to succeed as of today: CLICK HERE

You're off to a great start! 

But why is it so important that my child be ready for kindergarten on day one? WATCH HERE

Do you want your child to be more prepared for Day One than they are today? No problem! Just follow the easy instructions in Step 2 (it will be fun - we promise!).

STEP 2: Now, let's explore four EASY ways that you can help make sure your child is READY ON DAY ONE:



      >  Why is it important for kids to take a break from technology? (click below)
                      Why Limit Screen Times?
                      The Importance of Limiting Screen Time
                      Kids and Screen Time: What Does the Research Say?
                      Why to Avoid TV for Infants and Toddlers

      > How do I limit screen time for my child? (click below)
                      WATCH THIS! 
                      How to Create a Family Media Plan
                      How to Guide Your Child's Screen Time
                      50 Things to Do to Instead of Screen Time
                      10 Tips to Cut Kids' Screen Time
                      Nutrition and Wellness Tips for Young Children


   >  Why is it important to read with my child? (click below)
                      Why Letter and Word Awareness are Important
                      Fast Facts on Literacy

   >  How can I help improve my child's reading, literacy, and communication skills? (click below)
                      WATCH THIS!
                      Activities to Build Literacy Everyday
                      Home Literacy Environment Checklist

>  Is my child ready to READ? (click below)
                      Literacy Milestones: Ages 3-4


 >  Why is it important to count with my child? (click below)
                      Why Counting is Important
                      How Children Learn About Numbers
                      The Importance of Strong Math and Number Skills

 >  How can I help improve my child's math, counting, and number skills? (click below)
                      How to Help Children Understand the Meaning of Counting   
                      Math Talk with Infants and Toddlers   
                      5 Ways to Build Math into Your Child's Day   
                      Using Everyday Objects to Teach Math
>  Is my child ready to COUNT? (click below)


>  Why is it important to play with my child? (click below)
                      What are 'Fine Motor Skills' and Why Are They Important?    
                      More About the Role of 'Fine Motor Skills'
                      Tech-Savvy Kids Can't Push a Pencil    

>  How can I help prepare my child for success on Day One through play? (click below)
                      How to Help Your Toddler Develop Fine Motor Skills      
                      How to Encourage Fine Motor Skill Development    
10 Kindergarten Readiness Skills Your Child Needs


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